To keep Mendocino County in Congressional District 2 with Jared Huffman as our Congressional Representative, here is a sample letter to send to the California Redistricting Commission, or write your own:

CA Citizens Redistricting Commission

721 Capital Mall, Suite 260

Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Commissioners:

I am writing to you to support continuing the current congressional district boundaries of the current 2nd Congressional District as much as feasible. The North Coast counties in the 2nd district have a distinct community of interest that make drawing the district vertically along the coast the most coherent representation district.

While the coast itself is the largest unifying land feature, there are also common economic activities such as the maritime, tourism, forestry industries, and cannabis and vineyard-dominated agriculture.  There are also common watersheds, common infrastructure and common transportation corridors such as US 1 and CA 101.  Mendocino County has far more in common with its northern and southern neighbors, Humboldt and Sonoma counties than with its eastern neighbor, Lake County.

I urge you to consider these strong indicators of communality as you revise the map of California’s congressional districts.

The recorded Report on the Redistricting Process by Commissioner Derric Taylor is available here

Stop the Republican Recall

The Coast Dems recently adopted this Resolution to Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom.  There is an active texting campaign that you can join here.  There will be more opportunities to participate in this all-hands-on-deck push coming soon.



Whereas, the effort to recall Governor Newsom is a partisan power grab spearheaded by Donald Trump’s National Republican Party, the California Republican Party, and top Trump donors advocating to overturn fair elections, having already worked to delegitimize the American electoral process; and frivolously using California taxpayer dollars to fund this partisan ploy to derail the progress Governor Newsom has made to save lives, provide a safety net for struggling Californians as we are making significant strides returning our  lives to normal; and


Whereas, the pro-recall ranks are filled with a coalition of anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracy theorists, and militia groups whose aim is to disrupt and distract from California’s progress on COVID-19 recovery, equitable mass vaccinations, and school reopenings while their leaders disseminate anti-vaccination and anti-immigration propaganda on social media sites, actively work against public interest and advocate for the microchipping of immigrants, and


Whereas, by uniting,  Democrats will prevent Trump’s Republican Party from taking over the California government and will stand united against any candidate who seeks the office and helps Republicans succeed.


Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Coast Democratic Club of Mendocino County opposes the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Federal Advocacy Actions Needed

Contact our Congressman,  Jared Huffman, to urge pursuit of HR 1 - For the People Act; HR 4 - John Lewis Voting Rights Act: HR 51 - DC Statehood; to contact our senators, Diane Feinstein  and Alex Padilla, to end to the Jim Crow filibuster.  Contact information is below


​         U.S. Representative District 2 Jared Huffman:  email  Phone: 415-258-9657

Senator Diane Feinstein:  email  Phone: 202-224-3841

Senator Alex Padilla:  email  Phone: 202-224-3553

State Senator District 2 Mike McGuire:  email  Phone: 916-651-4002

Assemblymember District 2 Jim Wood:  email   Phone: 916-319-2002

Supervisor District 4 Dan Gjerde:  email   Phone: 707-234-6046

Supervisor District 5 Ted Williams:  email  Phone: 707-937-3500

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